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This is the Clan Page. I am still working on the layout for the clan page. I really can't decide on what it should look like. If anyone has any suggestions please email me here. I will gladly accept any graphics and fonts. I would like the page to be done in a week or two, so just browse the other pages until then.


Join The Undead Legion!
Member Name Rank Statistics Favorite Race
Tronyc-Rot Supreme Overlord 6-6-6 Undead Legion
Warmonger Supreme Reaper 6-6-6 Protoss
Karasuman Raven Lord 6-6-6 Protoss
Genova Reaper 6-6-6 Zerg
Join The Undead Legion!

Starcraft Mod
I am currently working on a mod for StarCraft exclusive to Undead Legion Clan members. In its final version it will make all units into undead counterparts. I hope to have the terran beta done within a month, but it could take longer because of school. If anyone has experience making 3D models for StarCraft units (I'm stuck converting .grp files to bitmap and using MS Paint. lol) I would really appreciate some help.