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This is the Society Page. I am still working on the layout because I really can't decide on what it should look like. If anyone has any suggestions please email me here. I will gladly accept any graphics and fonts.

Society Information

  Society Name: Undead Legion
  Abbreviation: UDL
  Creation Date: 2004-04-25
  Made Official: 2004-05-02
  Leader: Alain Tronyc Killead
  Founder: Alain Tronyc Killead
  Primary Activity: Personal Development
  Secondary Activity: Be Helpful To Newcomers
  Hierarchy Template: Corporate
  Motto: "Die To Live Again Another Day!"
  Goals: Short Term - Success in hunting and resource gathering.
             Long Term - Society Listed in the Hall of Fame.
  Rules: Members of the Undead Legion have first pick at all sellable items.

Member Information

Position Name Joined Primary Activity
CEO Alain 'Tronyc' Killead 2004-04-25 Fearless Leader
Vice President Tek Lei WuShai 2004-04-25 Head of Recruiting/Squad Leader
Division Manager Vince Vince Kim 2004-04-29 Recruiter/Squad Leader
Department Manager Burito Waffle Steve 2004-05-02 Recruiter/Squad Leader
Employee Ciachaden ZykoZ Zykon 2004-04-29 Hunter/Resource Gatherer
Employee Dark Dalgoda Blade 2004-04-29 Hunter/Resource Gatherer
Employee Youriii Youriii Jura 2004-04-30 Hunter/Resource Gatherer
Employee Joshua Magial Verd'ere 2004-05-01 Hunter/Resource Gatherer
Employee Mebbe Corn Lator 2004-05-02 Hunter/Resource Gatherer
Employee Alexander Alex Arkady 2004-05-04 Hunter/Resource Gatherer
Employee Josh Zachs Crent 2004-05-05 Hunter/Resource Gatherer

Starcraft Mod
I am currently working on a mod for StarCraft exclusive to Undead Legion Clan members. In its final version it will make all units into undead counterparts. I hope to have the terran beta done within a month, but it could take longer because of school. If anyone has experience making 3D models for StarCraft units (I'm stuck converting .grp files to bitmap and using MS Paint. lol) I would really appreciate some help.