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Long Awaited! 2-25-2002
Well, this is the first post of this year. Sorry about the delay. As you can see, this site has had some minor changes done, but within the next few months this site will be like it never has before. I plan to add many more pages (about 3 or 4 times as many) with more menus and stuff to play around with. I have a bunch of new downloads such as useful applications, wallpapers, games, etc. The Music page will once again become the Media page and will feature realplayer streams of my current projects along with other neat stuff.

On another note, the actual Undead Legion Battle.Net channel is no more due to lack of moderators (my fault). I don't plan on worrying about the channel (or the clan) until this site is done being remodelled. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will however still be taking in recruits via the submission form, but be sure you enter a valid Battle.Net account and your actual statistics or I will not add you to this clan. Another thing, if you are interested in being a moderator for the UL Channel please send me an email at or contact me on MSN. Your tasks as moderator would be to establish bots for our channel, handle tournaments, allies, enemies, etc., as well as send me the information so I can update this site accordingly. With this help, The Undead Legion could be up and running again alot sooner than if I have to do everything myself. Thank you.

Update! 10-8-2001
I know it's been a long time since I last updated this page. I haven't had a lot of time due to school. There is a new feature now though, if you right click your mouse you'll see what I mean. More updates are still in production. I plan on changing the layout slightly so that I may have more pages that are easily accessed and are graphically pleasant. Possibly an additional navigation bar at the top of the page for subdirectories of the links to the left. Another thing, if you visit this site please send email to me letting me know that you do. Getting reader mail gives me the encouragement to make this site better for you guys.

Join Now! 4-30-2001
You may now join the Undead Legion. Just visit the Clan section of this site (it's the bottom vertibrae) and click on the link there. Fill out your information and I will add you to the list of clan members. Another thing I am currently working on is cleaning up the html script for all the pages on this site. Browser compatibility is an issue I've been to lazy to address. I should have all the pages cleaned up by the end of May, and hopefully by mid June this site will look good on all versions of IE and possibly other browsers (I will only be testing my site on IE. If you do not use IE, I'm sorry for the inconvenience.)

Changes 3-13-2001
I have made some changes to this site. The Media page is now just a music page due to lack of material. It will be changed back to a media page at a later date. The Features page has been replaced by a Tournament Listing Page. The About page is now the Clan Information Page and no longer has those stupid polls. I am always open to suggestions on how to make this better for both clan members and everyday websurfers. The Columns page will probably be replaced by something else because I really have no clue what to put on it. My email address is Send me an email with the subject "Suggestions".